Whatever the material – our world class equipment can deliver the sharpest print quality available today. Be it natural or synthetic, a long or short production run, several thousand metres, or a modest print run – Standfast & Barracks has the flexibility, machinery and capacity to fulfil every conceivable order.


Digital printing technology has advanced dramatically over the last decade, and Standfast & Barracks is proud to be at the forefront of this technical revolution.

Our investment in state of the art Durst digital printing machinery heralds an exciting new era in fabric printing with the new machinery printing to much higher standards on man-made fibres. As a Durst Centre of Excellence we have also been asked to help Durst develop a new machine which will print in pigment dyes.

A new “intelligent feed system” also means the machinery adapts automatically to different roll diameters, and there are no restrictions to the size of design repeats. Improved ink quality utilising reactive dyes guarantees superior colour consistency, vastly improved light-fastness, while rub tests prove a greater robustness against wear and tear. These features provide a much greater diversity of quality, hardwearing fabrics for our fashion and home textiles customers, without the expense and set up time involved in traditional screen printing.

Our minimum order for digital is 100m per colourway.


Flatbed is a traditional printing method where the design is applied to fabric using silk mesh flat screens. Up to 24 colours per design. There can be up to 24 colours on one design, using up to 24 screens to print a full design onto fabric. Each screen is used to print a different colour onto the fabric.

Some advantages of flatbed printing:

 Crispest line quality
• Sharpest detail
 Tonal prints achieved

Our minimum order for flatbed printing is 200m per colourway.


A conventional printing method using one roller screen for each colour. Our rotary printing machine reproduces the finest detail, making it ideal for small apparel prints. A maximum of 20 colours can be used on one design.

With a rotary printer, the design is applied using cylindrical metal screens which are engraved by using a laser. There are a range of repeat sizes which can be achieved through the rotary process – this means that the cylinders are larger or smaller depending on the size of a pattern repeat

The latest rotary print machines can produce very fine detail and more closely fitting prints – very accurate, and ideal for small apparel prints.

Our minimum order for flatbed printing is 300m per colourway.

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