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Standfast & Barracks

Digital Fabric Printer Experts in digital printing, we have a reputation for continuously pushing the boundaries to deliver outstanding results. By combining the latest ink jet printing techniques with decades of expertise we exceed our customer’s expectations. Every time.

Using reactive dyes, Standfast & Barracks is at the forefront of digital printing development and is a leading supplier of premium furnishing prints. Digital printing has no limitations on colour, providing a platform for designers to produce intricate, inspired designs.

The main advantage of digital printing over conventional wet printing is that there are no limits on either the scale or the number of colours used – which in turn offers fabric designers the freedom to create fabulous designs which could not be produced by any other print method.  The print quality rivals conventional processes with much greater flexibility in terms of colour and repeat printing.

Although digital ink-jet printing was introduced originally for sampling, as run speeds have increased and the cost of both the print machines and their inks have started to reduce, digital printing is increasingly seen as a viable option for high-end production runs and special designs.

Our print quality rivals conventional processes, with our latest high-speed machines producing full-colour designs to the same exceptional quality as our conventional printing methods. The creation of digital textile printing at the end of the twentieth century has had a significant effect on the design, creation, use and understanding of textiles.

This new technology combined with advances in fabric and dye chemistry has made it possible to produce complex images on fabric consisting of all colours, and in more flexible quantities; a revolution that has led to a rapid increase in demand for this service. 

Standfast & Barracks is at the forefront of this digital textile technology, and combined with our 90-year heritage we have the expertise and experience to create luxurious bespoke prints.

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