Digital printing technology has advanced dramatically over the last decade, and Standfast & Barracks is proud to be at the forefront of this technical revolution.

Our investment in state of the art Durst digital printing machinery heralds an exciting new era in fabric printing with the new machinery printing to much higher standards on man-made fibres. As a Durst Centre of Excellence we have also been asked to help Durst develop a new machine which will print in pigment dyes.

A new “intelligent feed system” also means the machinery adapts automatically to different roll diameters, and there are no restrictions to the size of design repeats. Improved ink quality utilising reactive dyes guarantees superior colour consistency, vastly improved light-fastness, while rub tests prove a greater robustness against wear and tear.

These features provide a much greater diversity of quality, hardwearing fabrics for our fashion and home textiles customers, without the expense and set up time involved in traditional screen printing.

Our minimum order for digital is 100m per colourway.

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