Revealing Heritage Through Art.

Workshop to create artwork with Textile Artist Michael Brennand- Wood.

The international textile artist Michael Brennand-Wood has been commissioned to produce an artwork as part of the ‘Behind the Wall’ programme that explores the fascinating history of the Standfast & Barracks site.

‘Ghosts in the Machine’ will be a site specific work that plays with the idea of something behind and embedded in the wall of the factory with the design being inspired by the history of the site and its fabric designers.

You will be helping to create 600 ‘pixels’ – on the first day cutting out fabric squares from cloth printed at Standfast and glueing the cloth to wooden tiles. On the second day you will help the artist arrange the pixels on a large frame and glue the tiles in place to create the Ghost Figures of his design.

The workshop is taking place on Thursday 3rd and Friday, 4th November. Sessions will be from 10 am to 1 pm and 2 pm to 5 pm on the factory site at Standfast & Barracks on Caton Road, Lancaster. You don’t have to attend all the sessions unless you would like to!

For more information about Michael and his work see and for information about Mirador and the programme with Standfast & Barracks see

If you would like to take part please e-mail providing your contact details and when you can attend; or telephone 01524 843723

These workshops and Michael Brennand-Wood’s Ghosts in the Machine are part of
Behind The Wall
A Mirador Arts & Heritage Programme
Mirador: Registered Charity Number 1158284

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