Standfast & Barracks

For almost a century Standfast & Barracks has proudly been producing prints in our state-of-art factory in Lancaster, England.

Protecting the environment is an important part of what we do.  Our sustainability policy involves encouraging every member of the workforce to respect our natural resources.  Our aim is to be a responsible member of the local and global community, we understand society’s challenges and we act accordingly.  We are committed to our ongoing investment programme to improve energy efficiency, reduce emissions and control effluent.

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We are fortunate to work from such a wonderful location, on the lower banks of the River Lune, which provides us with a natural source of water for our cloth preparation and finishing operations, and we have our own effluent pre-treatment plant. Over several years, we have worked in partnership with Lancaster Business Enterprise on a range of projects and we are delighted that our site was granted an environmental permit by the Environment Agency in 2003.  At Standfast & Barracks, our aim is to make a meaningful, sustainable difference to our community.

As a SEDEX certified supplier (membership number 5320511319930) we take our ethical responsibilities seriously.  We are dedicated to providing a transparent route to market giving our customers a high degree of peace of mind in terms of ethical and environmental impact. We take complete ownership of the entire supply chain and life-cycle, working only with suppliers that share our values and beliefs.


Standfast and Barracks is an Environmentally Permitted Site, falling under the Environmental Permitting Regulations 2010.

This in turn means we are affected by the following UK & EU legislation:

  • Trade Effluent Regs 1990
  • Hazardous Waste Regs 2009
  • Climate Change Act 2008
  • Groundwater Regs 2009
  • Water resources Act 1991
  • Control of Noise at work Act 2005
  • Clean Air Act 1992
  • Air Quality Regs 2002

Standfast & Barracks recognises its environmental responsibility to the local and wider community, and all staff within our company manages resources effectively and efficiently. This above legislation means we are required to take account of our impact on several Environmental issues:-

Air | Water/Effluent | Waste (Hazardous/non-hazardous) | Land Contamination | Energy

With this in mind, we are required to reduce our impact in these areas for Environmental improvement.  We have are proud to have implemented several initiatives so far including:

  • Installation of a steam generator which allows the main boilers to be shut down and still maintain production on selected machines – in turn saving money, our impact on energy, and subsequently the environment.
  • Installation of de-stratification fans in various departments to draw the heat down from the roof space, which in turn means the space heaters are used less.
  • Main boilers have had modifications to improve their efficiency by 3%.
  • Heat exchangers have been fitted to wash ranges which allows us to take the ambient temperature of our incoming water from 15oC to 40o – using the warm water in the machine to warm the incoming cold water.
  • Pleva units on our stenter ovens to help control fabric temperature, air and moisture. This reduces our gas consumption by 20%, electricity use by 10% and increases our productivity by 15%.

These measures, and others like them, are helping us to fulfil our Environmental Permitting Regulations and reduce our impact on the environment and neighbours around us.

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